CHASAN Industrial Complex in Greeneville, TN

Chasan industrial Complex In Greeneville

On June 7, 2010, the land  and plant buildings located in Jefferson City, Tennessee were sold to a current tenant of the facility .

about chasan

CHASAN, LLC was formed in 1995 as an investment and real estate holdings company by Charles and Sandra White. Its original investment was to acquire an interest in the land, buildings and the operations of the former Philips (Magnavox) cabinet production plant in Jefferson City, Tennessee. This plant encompasses 114 acres of property and a 933,000 square feet building.

 In 1997, CHASAN, LLC acquired a 50% interest in the land and buildings and an interest in the equipment and the operations of the former Philips (Magnavox) television production plant in Greeneville, Tennessee. In 2002, CHASAN, LLC acquired the other 50% interest in the land and buildings. This main plant encompasses 63 acres of property and a 1,100,000 square feet building. In addition, CHASAN, LLC also owns a neighboring 150,000 square foot warehousing and distribution facility.  In 2007, after manufacturing operations were ceased, CHASAN, LLC converted the facilities to a manufacturing and warehousing facility for lease.